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The Quick Release Revolution

The patent protected quikcore release system provides consistent results quickly! Our easy to use design requires no spanner’s or excessive force compared to current techniques. We have taken away the frustration from components locking up and binding, leading to damage. The improved work flow efficiency makes this an essential drilling tool within your toolbox armoury!
  1. 1/2” drill adaptor
  2. Quick release clip
  3. 1/2” core bit/extension thread
  4. Tapered guide pin / tapered drill aperture
  5. Drift key aperture
  6. Quick release clip apertures

The Quikcore system is compatible for 1/2” threaded core bits ranging from  38mm up to 127mm diameter

    1. Please pay close attention when using 38mm core bits as the clip could make contact with the wall during use, causing damage beyond repair.
    2. The Knockout tool has been designed for use on brickwork and solid blockwork only. Soft Mortar joints aligning central with the core bit may affect the knock out tool removing the unwanted waste material.
    3. Periodically apply plumbers silicone grease to circlip pin and the spigot end of the drill adaptor only. This will help protect the moving parts from dust and particles and extend the life of your purchased product.
    4. Due to the high RPM and vibration, the quick release clip has been designed to be a tight fit so as not to come off in use.Always attach the quick release clip to the core adaptors when the core adaptors are connected to a core bit and never straight out of the packaging.
    5. When using dust extraction units attached to a core drill, please be advised there is a loss of suction due to the pin inevitably covering the drill aperture.


We take no responsibility or liability for any damages or failure arising out of, or in connection with misuse of the product.

Knock Out Tool

1. Impact Pin
2. Impact Pin Adaptor





Peter Booth

As used by PB plumber

  • QCSP - Quikcore Single Pack

  • £25.85/mo
        • 1 x core adaptor / 1 clip £9.95
        • 1 x drill adaptor £7.95
        • 1 x knockout tool £7.95


          plus shipping*

  • QCMP - QuikCore Multi Pack

  • £52.52/mo
        • 5 x core adaptors / 5 clips £49.75
        • 1 x drill adaptor £7.95
        • 1 x knockout tool £7.95

    (20% saving of £13.13) – £65.65 RRP plus shipping* 

If a QuikCore adaptor is needed for an extension also an additional drill adaptor and core adaptor can be purchased – £17.90.


*Delivery charge £8.39 signed for 1-2 days. – All deliveries are tracked and signed for.

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